A downloadable game

  •  Monster Taming Auto Battler Roguelite
  •  100+ monsters to collect
  • Challenge powerful boss teams
  • Unique runs every time
  • Fast paced tactical combat
  •  Build teams based on Types, Abilities or Visuals
  •  Evolve your monsters and become stronger

Bring on the Gym Challenge, as you carve your own path to victory and become the ultimate Battlemon team. Each Gym Leader focuses on a different strategy, and creates their own synergies as they try to stop your Gym Challenge. There will be 11 Gym Leaders in total, and the order in which you face them will differ and their Battlemon rosters will be adjusted based on your progress in the current run.

Find and explore all the different battle systems within Battlemon.

  • Use multiple Battlemon of the same type to gain Type Passives for your team. Every type has their own unique Type Passive, and the bonuses stack with each additional Battlemon of the same type in your roster.
  • Each Battlemon species has their own unique passive ability. Recruit, and try out all the different passives to find what works for your build.
  • Battlemon species also have their own unique type combinations and stat distributions, so that every battlemon should feel different and offer something to your team.

With over 100 Battlemon in the game and four team slots to work with, there are millions of different combinations for you to try out and battle with in the game. Build your team to fit your style and preferences: this could be a squad of your favorite designs,  a team with incredible combo potential, or even a team of just Bananuck!

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