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Planet N.M.E is a 2D fast paced shoot em up. Use your pilot skills to Eliminate all the local inhabitants of the planet and acquire the illusive Ribloid creature of legend. Armed with your trusty drill, are you up to this task?


Arrow Keys - Steer Ship
Z (HOLD) - Ship Acceleration
X - Fire Weapon
C (HOLD) - Activate Ship Drill


- Eliminate all local inhabitants
- Acquire the illusive Ribloid creature
- Don't die horribly


- You don't take damage while drilling
- Hitting the edge of the planet will turn you around
- Killing locals makes more appear faster
- Killing enemies with the drill slightly repairs the ship

Made for Weekly Game Jam 150 with the theme of "You're The Enemy"

Created by Patrick Sigley, Follow me over on twitter to get updates on this game and other like it.


Planet N.M.E v0.04.zip 67 MB

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